Cover your child´s IV device with comfort

IV Pole Accessories

Puffaluffs are large stuffed animals that attach to the top and back of the IV Pole. They provide access to attach medical equipment through the center of the animal to mask most of the attachments from the IV’s and machines. This brings comfort and brings focus to the large animal and away from the attached wires an equipment. Materials: soft felt covering body of the animal with some animals having Pile material to accent the face on center of the animal.


Unicorns are a mythical creature with many symbols and meanings. In China they are considered one of four superior animals of a good omen. They are believed to be a magical animal that is very powerful, wise and gentle. The unicorn is all about opening to infinite possibilities that surround you and are always available to you. Often, we cannot see that possibilities even exist, and Unicorns give us the “eye to see” what they are. Spiritually, Unicorns symbolize success and if you summon the power of this animal it will give you the blessings of achieving your desires.


Giraffes are a complicated animal that is full of significance and symbols. They represent the elevation of spirit and opening a sixth sense of physical capabilities. The height of this animal brings inspiration and encouragement to anyone that finds it. In many cultures it is a messenger that is often sent to encourage us whenever we are unhappy, unsure and need inspiration. Although graceful and elegant a giraffe is also an animal of power and strength.


In many cultures, elephants are featured as symbols of power, wisdom, inspiration, and reverence. Their strength is legendary throughout history as well as mythology. Even today, they still carry this powerful connotation with them, which makes them the perfect spirit animal for anyone who wants to take charge of what’s happening in their life.

What does the elephant symbolize?

Generally, the elephant represents strength and invulnerability, power, wisdom and longevity.


A cow is often revered as an animal of motherhood that symbolizes patience, nourishment, potential, new beginnings, and new possibilities. Cows are often seen as a source which provides us with food to eat and milk to drink. Due to this, cows are closely connected to how we feel about meeting our needs in the physical world.

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Cover your child´s IV device with comfort

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