December 25th

Daniel was born at 28 weeks, weighing 2 pounds, and in need of intensive care. Along with other complications, he did not have the ability to swallow. He was placed on a feeding tube and eventually had a “button”, also know as a Gastrostomy tube.

Daniel needed to be tube fed for over 4 years of his early life. He was brought home and continued to need to be fed using a Kangaroo feeding pump. As an infant Daniel was not afraid of the IV pole or the pump with all of its tubes and wires.

Daniel is a thriving 11 year old who no longer needs the Puffaluff or the IV pole, however he still keeps the giraffe as his stuffed animal friend.

I decided to create something that would make him and others feel more comfortable and less threated by the feeding process while avoiding interfering with the machine. As time went on, and a great deal of thinking, I came up with an idea to help with the situation.
Daniel’s mom and I (Poppa) decided to start a company incorporating his nickname “Puffins” called Puffaluffs Inc. that would provide other families with the opportunity to customize their IV poles as well!

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